UPDATED: 7/21/06!!! I know its been a long hiatus, but life and computer woes have gotten the better of me for a while. I hope there are still people checking this out. Because I've finally made some NEW new caps. Disturbing Behavior caps (283 of them) and new icons now up! (many olds removed!) More to come, keep checking back!

Ready for some fun Roswell goodies? Herein are some of my attempts at animations and/or ljicons (please credit "karenor" in the keywords if you use these). AND my first fic! It's very short (less than 800 words), i won't tell you what it's about, cuz it's obvious from the outset: House and Home, and a NEW fic called, Destiny, Revisited. And finally! Screencaps from the WHOLE first season! And NEW!! Season 2 screencaps being added as i make them.

Please do not hotlink to any of the screencaps, for the sake of my generous host's bandwith. Feel free to post them anywhere (after saving to your own server). And credit/linkback would be nice too. :)

Pilot (118 caps)

The Morning After (73 caps)

Monsters (43 caps)

Leaving Normal (60 caps)

Missing (56 caps)

285 South (75 caps)

River Dog (80 caps)

Blood Brother (123 caps)

Heat Wave (162 caps)

The Balance (173 caps)

The Toy House (161 caps)

Into the Woods (160 caps)

The Convention (111 caps)

Blind Date (195 caps)

Independence Day (119 caps)

Sexual Healing (344 caps!!)

Crazy (243 caps!)

Tess, Lies & Videotape (226)

Four Square (248 caps!)

Max to the Max (182 caps)

The White Room (190 caps)

Destiny (363 caps!!)

Skin and Bones (180 caps)

Ask Not (233 caps)

Surprise (157 caps)

Summer of '47 (177 caps)

The End of the World (332!!)

Harvest (223 caps)

Wipeout! (346 caps!)

Meet the Dupes (743 caps!!!)

Max in the City (581 caps!!!)

A Roswell Christmas Carol (461!)

To Serve and Protect (278)

We Are Family (359)

Disturbing Behavior (283)

Please credit "karenor" if you use these on livejournal. For other public usage, please provide a link. Thanks! For requests or just to comment to let me know you've snagged some, email me at karensroswell [at] yahoo [dot] com. Hotlinking allowed only for use in the lj community "ros_awards". Please don't hotlink otherwise.

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animations are down for now...

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