Imagine the usual disclaimers. I own nothing. Don't anyone sue. Portions of dialogue taken from "Destiny," by Toni Graphia and Jason Katims and story by Thania St. John.
Title: Destiny, Revisited
Rated: PG-13, maybe
Summary: This was written for a livejournal Roswell ficathon. For _kalliope. The requirements were: What if Liz got her powers way back in S1? Those glowing hickeys in Sexual Healing? Symptom One. Dreamer fic, please. What i ended up with began as slightly AU, and ended up wildly so. The primary action takes place directly after "Sexual Healing" and at the end of "Destiny," so Spoilers for all of season 1. And if you're wondering how my AU would play out in the "future" (Seasons 2 and 3 and beyond), don't. It will just make your head hurt.
Feedback: Please! karensroswell[at]yahoo[dot]com. But be advised, this was wrtten mostly under extreme deadline duress, so be gentle.
Note: When it says "The End:" it's not the end of the story. ;)

Destiny, Revisited

The Beginning:

After being immediately pulled aside, she assured her mother, again, that her virginity was intact. Leaving out of course, that it was saved by the discovery of a glowing orb, ostensibly from her boyfriend’s home planet. She didn’t think that would go over well. And it was odd, but she’d somehow escaped grounding. Her parents and the Evanses seem to accept that their children were growing up. And after some half-hearted promises “never to do it again,” the star-struck teenagers were under “watch” rather than lock and key. Liz was still a little in defiant-mode as the interview wore on, but she recognized the fear in her parents’ eyes. Liz had already grown a seemingly innate and terrible fear that she could never quite voice, that she might one day lose the one she loved—Max. So she understood, a little bit at least, why her parents were worried. Her defiance scared them, and they didn’t want to lose her.

Liz made this realization after Max and his parents left, and her parents were still lecturing her. And she realized just as suddenly that it was true. She knew, without doubt, that her relationship with Max would pull her from her parents, at some point, permanently. This hit her with the certainty of premonition. It shook her to her core and she feigned exhaustion to examine this feeling within her, scientist that she was. Jeff and Nancy relented and let their daughter off the hook and up to bed.

She had never been less tired. She was scared and more than a little confused. Her instinct was to call Max right away and tell him about this premonition, or whatever it was, but she felt silly. After all that they’d been through to find the orb, while certainly…pleasant, for the most part, still left lingering fear, for Liz. She had so many questions, most in the “why me?” category. Liz was beginning to suspect, against all her instincts that there was something special about her, something otherworldly special about her relationship with Max. Nothing had ever felt more right. But she pushed her mushy feelings aside and turned on her ever-present inner scientist. She couldn’t call Max just yet. The images in her flashes had been something concrete to go on. But she had no hard evidence that what she felt while speaking to her parents was anything more than a “feeling”. Yet the feeling that it was more than that lingered. Couple that with glowing hickeys and space travel visions of things not even Max could have seen with his own eyes, and there was definitely something...odd going on. Liz was changing.

The hard evidence would come later. Liz finally slept for a short time before she had to begin her afternoon shift at The Crashdown. She dreamt a dream that was fragmented. It was anxious. She dreamt of Max, and of telling Max that something was going on. Over and over she tried different ways to explain. Sometimes he was angry, sometimes confused. And others, he hugged her, and told her it would be all right. And kissed her and gave her flashes. She saw the V constellation in the night sky, and the spiral like on the orb they found, projected like the bat-signal over the mountains. And once, amid the chaos, dreamLiz and dreamMax looked each other in the eyes and, in the way of dreams, communicated one thought: Whose visions are these? Whose flashes? Where alien ended and human began—where Max began and Liz ended—they couldn’t tell. And Liz felt fear at the same time as she felt almost sublime contentment. Then, just before waking, there was an image Liz was observing as if from above—a blond girl, about her age, walking alone in the desert. The girl stopped at one of the strange symbols on the ground. She took a spot in a symbol meant for four figures to stand around it. Liz knew she was waiting for the others. Then the girl looked up at the sky, like she was seeing Liz there. The blond smiled faintly, almost welcomingly. And for a split second, she was Liz, and then she was her again, and her bright blue eyes, illuminated somehow even in the dark of night, shone with unmistakable malice.

At that, Liz woke with a start, breathing heavily with fear and excitement. She immediately jumped up to find her journal to write down as much of the already fading dream as she could. But she stopped abruptly when she reached down to grab a pen. The pen seemed to evade her grasp and fling itself across her desk. Liz looked down to her hands, which were, amazingly, glowing and flickering with what seemed like green lightning sparks. Liz let out a startled yelp and stumbled back upon her bed. Well this is new, Liz thought, trying to catch her breath, as she heard her mother call from down the hall, reminding her that she was going to be late for work.

And Liz forgot the dream almost completely as the days went by. And though she couldn’t forget the strange electricity in her hands, she resolved not to say anything until she could research the phenomenon further, or until something else happened. And soon, there were bigger issues to deal with. Kathleen Topolsky returned to turn their lives upside down again, and introduced them to the horrors of the Special Unit. And then there was the arrival of Tess. And Max’s seeming betrayal, which cut Liz so deeply. If she remembered her vision of Tess from her dream, it didn’t make its way to her conscious mind. Liz stood her ground and bravely stood up to Tess, and at the same time, risked her life to get information on her, and facilitated the discovery of Tess as an alien—all on her faith in Max and the love between them.

And when things were looking up again for a brief moment, Liz’s fears were realized when Max was captured by the Special Unit.

The End:

Max, Isabel, Michael, Tess and Liz stood in the pod chamber, all reeling from the information they’d received from a holographic, humanized image of Max and Isabel’s mother.

Max was the first to speak. “Things will never be the same, but whatever happens, we have to stay together. It's the four of us now.”

Tess, seemingly finally given the go ahead by the old queen, attempted to claim her prize and her rightful position, “I knew this was meant to be,” she said to Max.

But Max’s first thought was for Liz. He brushed Tess aside with a quick, “No.” Then he approached Liz and spoke, heedless of the rest of them in the room, his voice heavy with emotion, torn apart by the pain in her eyes, “Look, everything I told you before is still true.”

Liz struggled to retain her composure, and to do the right thing. Every fiber in her yelled against it, but she said the words she felt she had to to let him go. “Max, you do have a destiny. You just heard it. I can't stand in the way of it.”

Max, disbelieving her and protesting said back, “But you mean everything to me,” and kissed her.

Liz wanted to break off the kiss and leave. No, she didn’t want to, she had to. Her mind screamed that she had to leave him, for his own good and the good of his...people. And everyone was watching. Tess’s eyes seem to bore right through Max into her. And then the flashes started. Liz silently cursed the powers that be, that they couldn’t let her off easy. These were the same as their early flashes, of their pasts, and their bonding moments over the past year, and then it all changed. Liz found herself outside the pod chamber. And the eerie night had fallen. There, like in the dream she had weeks ago, was Tess, standing at what Liz now understood was the four-square symbol, the symbol of the unity of the Royal Four. Only this time, Liz wasn’t looking from above; she was there, and walking towards Tess. Half a football-field away, and then in an instant, only a few feet.

“What is this,” Liz asked.

“You tell me. Why are you and me and Max all passed out in the pod chamber?” said Tess with a slight nod towards the chamber incased in rock off in the distance. She had asked a question, but her tone said she already knew the answer.

“We’re what?!”

“Hear them? Michael and Isabel, calling out to us?” Tess said, unreadable as ever.

And Liz did hear them. Faintly, from above, or all around, she wasn’t sure. But they didn’t matter now. Liz felt control of her own body half slip away. She was filled with what she could only recall later as a strange presence. Then something said with Liz’s voice and mouth, “This is the end. He’s made his choice.”

Tess’s calm face crumpled and was now angry. A fierce wind was gathering. “He doesn’t know what he wants! He doesn’t remember!” she shouted over the rising wind.

The presence that was in Liz became angry, as did Liz herself. “You are not to question the will of the King. You were too late. He made his choice before he met you. Love makes a queen, Ava, not birth. You should know that. The King has heard and understood his destiny, and his choice is now final.”

And the presence left Liz, but stayed, invisible, hovering between the two girls—one that was queen, one that would be—but addressing Tess, “She is a ready vessel. She has accepted the change. As you must accept yours.” The presence, along with the wind, left suddenly, and knocked Tess to the ground in the process. Liz moved to Tess’s place at the symbol and held her hand out to help Tess up. Tess stared up at Liz in bewilderment, and before she could make any movement, Liz found herself sucked out of this vision plane and lying on the cold hard rock of the pod chamber.

She heard her own moans, and those of Max and Tess. And the ringing echo of the shouting of Isabel and Michael that had suddenly stopped. One look at Max told her that he had seen everything she had. Max stopped Isabel when she came to hug him, and he and Liz gestured towards Tess. She was on her knees facing them, eyes closed in deep concentration. Liz began, “Tess…” but she didn’t know what to say.

At her name Tess opened her eyes, and Liz saw tears well up and spill over. “It’s no use,” Tess sobbed out in frustration.

“I can’t make you remember,” Tess said to Max.

“And I can’t make you forget,” she said to Liz.

“I can’t do anything at all. I can’t mindwarp.”

Liz was struck by that. Max had told Liz earlier, when they’d been running for their lives, that thinking of her while he was in the White Room had kept him alive. But Liz knew that he never would have made it without Tess’s help and her powers—the powers of Max’s queen. Now it seemed they were gone from Tess. Liz untangled herself from Max and stood. All in the chamber stared at her, agape. Her knees were wobbly and she was unsure what to do. On an impulse, she lifted her hand, aimed well away from Tess and tried a tentative energy blast. And after a moment, her hand lit with the green sparks, and then glowed red-white as she blasted off a small chunk of rock from the wall.

“What the—!” and “How—?” Michael and Isabel exclaimed at the same time, but Max shushed them and they continued to stare at what was unfolding.

Liz took the same hand that had just demonstrated her new alien powers, pointed it at Tess, and walked the few paces to her.

“Welcome,” Liz said, and offered her hand to Tess, like she had only moments before in their vision, “to being human.”


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